What we do is an external export office for selected Spanish companies. We are not a producer of Spanish food, but we market the products abroad (mainly in Europe) .This includes preparation of marketing material in English, participation in food exhibitions and attending foreign clients during their visits in Spain.


The food producers pay us for this service, so when ordering, you pay directly to the producers account. Also you receive the goods, samples, shipping documents etc. directly from the producer. is therefore not responsible for the quality of the delivered products, and though we can help communicating and negotiating claims, all issues related to claims with respect to quality or missing units, is to be settled directly between seller and buyer.


Previous export projects and promotions

Olive oil: Sales and export of olive oil to Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, France, Andorra, Belgium, Canada, United States, Mexico, China and Japan (origin Sevilla)

Wine and dessert wine: Sales and export to Ireland (origin Huelva)

Early potatoes: Sales and export to Ireland (origin Cadiz)

Olives: Promotion of quality olives (stuffed and condimented) in glass (origin Granada)

Vinegar: Promotion of vinegar in Norway (origin Cadiz)

Gazpacho: Sales and export of gazpacho soup to Finland (origin Almeria)


Organic bulk almonds: Sales and export to Canada (origin Valencia)


Organic raw carob: Sales and export to Canada (origin Barcelona)


Organic snacks: Sales and export to Bulgaria (origin Madrid)


Snacks and potato chips: Sales and export to Denmark (origin Madrid)

Organic citrus (oranges and lemons): Promotion in Denmark and Sweden (origin Malaga)


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